Nokalux is self-sufficient in green electricity! Nokalux's parent company, Vätterledens Invest, also has the wind power producer Smålandsvind. The production of green electricity from wind turbines corresponds not only to Nokalux but to the entire Group's electricity consumption. We see that we, Nokalux AB, are part of a more climate-neutral energy consumption as a natural step towards a brighter future.

We invest in the environment and create products with a long service life - a way to reduce the consumption of raw materials. Already in our design work, we consider limiting the environmental impact of products, by choosing recyclable components such as sheet steel, aluminum and copper. During the production process, all our waste is sorted at source, in order to be recycled as much as possible.

During the luminaire's total life cycle, energy consumption is the one that has the greatest environmental impact. Nokalux luminaires generally have very high efficiency, optimized control of the light and very high quality of diodes and ballasts. This together contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

Our production unit is modern and has a very high standard. We work consistently with environmental improvements, for a long time only environmentally friendly lubricants have been used in our machine park and solvents are not used in our production. We comply with the environmental requirements in current legislation. If we can also make further improvements, we will do so.
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