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67 IK10 CE-markning D-markning F-markning
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12 weeks
Article nr: LI156001-01r


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Efficient quality linear fixture portfolio. Coordinated grazing-floodlight range with multiple optics and component options.
  • Description
  • - Die-cast aluminium end-caps
    - Extruded aluminium housing and sheet aluminium front frame
    - Pre-treated before powder coating ensuring high corrosion resistance
    - Single cable entry, through wiring upon request or two cable entries for through wiring
    - One IP68 connector supplied with 0.2 m of 3x1.0 sqmm outdoor cable for LA-30001, LA-30002
    - Four IP68 connectors supplied with 2x0.2 m of 3x1.0 sqmm outdoor cable and 2x0.2 m of 2x0.5 sqmm outdoor shielded cable for LA-30013, LA-30014, LA-30032, LA-30034, LA-30036
    - Two IP68 connectors supplied with 2x0.2 m of 2x1.0 sqmm outdoor cable for LA-30021, LA-30022, LA-30031, LA-30033, LA-30035
    - Stainless steel fasteners in grade 304 with zinc flake coating (ZFC)
    - Durable silicone rubber gasket
    - Clear toughened glass
    - Integral control gear for LA-30001, LA-30002, LA-30013, LA-30014
    - Remote driver is included for LA-30021, LA-30022
    - Remote driver for constant voltage (CV) 24V is not included for LA-30031, LA-30033, LA-30035
    - DC24V input, DMX512 address with constant current control for RGBW products

  • Characteristics
  • E-nr: 7704859, 7704860
    Lumen: 3950, 4550
    Power: 56 W
    CCT, Kelvin: 830, 840
    Weight: 5,7
    Light distribution: Floodlight
    Width: 1205
    Height: 65
    MCB B10A: 25
    MCB B16A: 40
    MCB C10A: 25
    MCB C16A: 40
    Start W: 45
    Time μs: 100
  • Electrical data
  • Light distribution
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12 weeks



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Type Article nr Lumen Power File light distribution File light
Lightalk 4000 830 SY Dali LI156001-01 3950 56
Lightalk 4000 840 SY Dali LI156002-01 4550 56

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